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Support Your Friends, Neighbors, and Fellow Citizens

Our Mission is to Re-open  Kentucky on 5-1-20    

We believe that Kentuckians are some of the strongest, most resilient, faithful, caring, and cooperative people on earth. We also know that Kentuckians have been through a lot lately. Everywhere we turn we are confronted with a new limitation or obstacle.


Today we change that. We challenge every citizen young and old. Every worker and business owner. Every nurse, fireman, and police officer to stand with us as we reopen our state. We have sat by too long waiting for others to help us, we have the power to help ourselves.We need to take the lessons we have learned in the last few weeks and carry them forward as we reopen the state.


On May 1st 2020 the CITIZENS of Kentucky will be taking back our state. We will be opening our stores, restaurants, and bars. We will perform our services and serve our communities. We are doing this out of duty to our state and its citizens. We view this action of reopening as a form of free speech and assembly protected under our constitution.

Copyright Re-Open Kentucky 2020