Business Owners

Covid has affected all of us

Mike S. Scottsburg KY.


Before the shutdown and COVID my company was on track for a record year. We had just secured a new contract to provide coffee machines and refreshments to 100 new locations across the state. We were planning on breaking ground on the new warehouse in May and had already placed an order for 6 new delivery trucks. As of today the contract is on hold and the company has stated that they not not be expanding in the state after all. I have canceled the plans for the warehouse. The vehicles are already paid for and arrive in early May. The dealer has offered to try to sell them to someone else but i doubt that i will be able to find a buyer as times are hard for everyone.I have went from having a record year to the worst year out of 15 Ive been in business. If this doesn't change and quick i will be forced to close my doors for good.

Lonnie R. Paducha,KY.


My wife and I run a small Bar-B-Q restaurant service ribs and brisket. In 2006 i was diagnosed with lung cancer from my time working with asbestos when i was younger. At the same time my wife was also having some health issues as well.By 2009 I was cancer free and my wife was on the mend as well. We decided to spend our retirement running the restraint we always dreamed of.We scratched together all the money we could and invested everything in our business. When the virus stuff started we choose to close early as we were both high risk and didn't feel comfortable serving the public.When our oldest daughter lost her job she offered to reopen the restaurant  for us. We agreed as it was going to allow her and tour three employees to get back to work. A day after we reopened with our daughter running things the governor closed us down. We were doing the right thing and protecting ourselves while trying to help others and it was shutdown. If we are closed one more month we will no longer have the funds to reopen when the orders are lifted.

Anonymous,  Hebron KY.


I am a father of three amazing kids and a husband of 16 years to a wife who may be the most patient human on earth. I’m an entrepreneur, Investor, education reform advocate and industry leader. Most of all I’m a citizen of Kentucky. I’ve lived most of my life in Kentucky. I employ people in the state and out. In the last few months, I have witnessed an incredible suffering in the commonwealth. This suffering has affected every worker from every industry at every level.

Simply having an opinion in this day and age isn’t unique. I felt compelled to do more. At first, I went to local businesses and bought gift cards to help boost sales. I handed them out to people for free with the only request that they spent some of their own money at the stores on top of the gift card amount. My goal was to compound the impact of my actions for that business. Once the businesses were ordered closed, I went to stores and created virtual storefronts complete with full 3D scans and online connections directly to the stores. This allowed these businesses to continue operating even with the restrictions. I did this out of my own pocket with no gain expected.

It was during this process I noticed another dynamic. Some stores and businesses were open while others were close. I could buy hobby supplies at Walmart but not at the hobby store. This pattern repeated across the state and confirmed what I had feared, someone was picking winners and losers. It wasn’t the citizens but instead a group of bureaucrats and politicians from both sides of the aisle. They were telling me and the businesses what was best for us. The state had no regard for who was hurt by the decision, there was no exceptions or appeals it was arbitrary and final. Because of the state’s actions and the emerging new information regarding the virus as it relates to KY, I'm compelled to act.

I am spending my own money and devoting my time to this effort. I hope that others will join me in doing the same. To my friends, family, acquaintances, detractors, and supporters I ask you to join me in Reopening Kentucky on May 1st 2020. We have fought the threat and conquered the curve, and now it is time for phase two, healing our people, our state, and our economy.

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