Front Line Workers

Covid has affected all of us

Mike K. Lexington KY.


Ive been an officer for a metro police department for 8 years now. All I ever wanted to be was a cop. I have always had a special bond with the citizens Ive worked with. I always see them on their worst days and in the worst circumstances. Lately that has been getting much worse.Since the lock down I have encountered  more domestic violence and mental health calls than ever before.On a recent weekend our entire patrol force was dispatched to different locations not dealing with COVID related calls but for 3 separate mental health emergency's. I see the toll this is taking on my community and I worry about the lasting effects this is having on the people I see every day. Two weeks ago at role call the officers were  ordered to start enforcing the distancing orders. After 8 years on the force I'm starting to ask if this is what I signed up for.

Joan G. Ft Thomas KY.


On April 10th 2020 I was laid off from my job. I had been a surgical technician and a nurse for 13 years for the same health system. When everything first started there was new information and safety procedures every day. We trained, practiced, and had several classes on protocols and safety.By the third week the hospital had cancelled all of the elective surgeries. I was reassigned to help clean the ER and ICU. I had began to notice that there weren't as many people coming in to the ER as I remembered from when I worked in that department.I was happy to still have a job and be working so I didn't really question things.When I was let go I had a conversation with HR and was told that i was the 14th person that day to be laid off. The HR rep told me that they anticipated a huge demand and kept us around, but that no one who was sick with the virus was coming in. At this point I don't know what to think. My husband and I are both out of work. As a nurse I was an essential front line employee and now I'm just sitting around waiting for things to get back to normal.

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