Service Workers

Covid has affected all of us

Sara B, Hebron, KY.


Finding our that my bar was closing and that I would be without work has been devastating. I have 3 small children in daycare and since I just started this job 2 months ago I didn't qualify for unemployment. I don't know what ill do if I cant get back to work soon. I have applied for new jobs but even if I get them I still wont have daycare available. I understand that people have suffered but I am suffering now.

Sandra S. Louisville KY.


As a musician I'm an independent contractor. The stay at home orders have not specifically kept me from working but all of the bars and clubs I usually work at are closed. Even the weekly gig I had in the lobby of a fancy downtown hotel has ended because of this.While technically I can still work I have been unable to for the last 4 weeks and i cant survive if this goes on much longer.

Ryan K. Bowling Green,KY.


Since COVID and the restrictions my job has changed so much. I was working nights at a local hotel.My entire hotel has now closed and I'm forced to drive for a food delivery service. Working second shift use to allow me to watch my infant daughter during the day while my wife who is classified as an essential employee worked.Now without daycare options we are forced to take our daughter to her moms during the day. She is older and has health issues and I don't want to subject her or my daughter to extra risk.I just want the businesses to reopen and life to get back to normal.

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